Destiny Muhammad Project

Inner Oasis - Meditations for Healing and Renewal by Destiny Muhammad & Rev. Liza Rankow

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Cap & T-shirt 50/20 - 50/20 THE CONCERT Merch

cap & t-shirt 50/20 THE CONCERT  

Limited Edition Cap & T-Shirt

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T-shirts & Cap

The Destiny Muhammad Jazz Trio - Destiny's JAZZ Debut! Feat. Marcus Shelby (Bass) & Jack Dorsey (Drums)

Destiny Muhammad: The Destiny Muhammad Jazz Trio

Destiny's 'Sacred Bath' - Destiny's music 1999 to 2008

Destiny: Sacred Bath

Destiny: I. AM (studio remix) - Live instrumental/ the remix (feat. Tarika Lewis and The FULL House Band)

Destiny Muhammad: I Am Studio (Remix)

Destiny: I. AM. (Inspiration) - Destiny LIVE performance in 'PRAISE: The Ultimate Worship'

Destiny Muhammad: I Am

S O N G - Strings of a Nubian Groove CD

S O N G aka Strings of a Nubian Groove CD!  An introspective instrumental experience  of originals & covers of Classical/ Crossover sounds arranged by Destiny Muhammad.

Recorded at Ex'pression Digital Arts College, Emeryville, CA circa 2007

Strings of a Nubian Groove Members:

Destiny Muhammad, Celtic and Pedal Harp

Tarika Lewis, Electric Zeta Violin

Vincent Tolliver, Electric Yamaha Viola