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Trip to Bali

Trip to Bali


October 1995. I took an incredible adventure trip to Bali, Indonesia with my boyfriend. We’d been hired to for a 2 year stint as ‘Quality Controllers’ of Jewelry workshops of an American Designer. It felt and sounded exciting and fun and yes promises of revenue made the trip even more alluring. Needless to say the ‘dream’ began to reveal itself as a nightmare. After about 3 weeks into our ‘stay’ we became keenly aware that our American contact seemed to have questionable practices and our safety was in jeopardy-- in a nutshell I was scared as HELL. OH, we had food, a car and a lovely place to stay, however, the promised revenue never seemed to be ‘available’ and our contact with other English/ American people was limited to our contractors circle (btw they were questionable as well). No money and not sure what to do-- I was frantic. Now, so you know, for all of my perceived wildness, I’m really a good girl, good home training and introduced to God early on and I know how to pray, however, I wanted my MAMA! God was NOT showing up fast enough! As we wandered the streets of Bali hoping for something or someone to come and help us, I saw a telephone for ‘International Tourist’ to dial out to their home countries. I ran to the phone, heard the dial tone and immediately dialed the long code to call my Mom. I caught my breathe:


‘Mommy. It’s me, Destiny’

“What’s going on?’ Mom said with only the tone she could have when something in my life was out of sync.

“I want to come home. I’m scared and I don’t have a way back!”

“Well, Honey, I don’t have any money to send you.”

The pent up tears began to flow and yet I didn’t want her to hear me crying.

“Don’t cry. It’s going to be alright. I’m praying for you to get home safely. I’m goin to call my Prayer Warriors to pray you through. It’s going to be alright, don’t cry.’

I trusted her words-- deep inside I knew it would work out, but I was still scared.

“Don’t you worry. I’m calling them as soon as we get off the phone. I love you and it’s going to be all right.’

I thanked her and let her know I loved her too and hung up.

I walked back to the car looking around at this incredible paradise called Bali. Not sure why, I open my purse and take out my empty wallet. My credit cards were maxed out so no use looking to them for money-- but then I see one card that says:



I run BACK to the telephone, called the number and ACTIVATED that card with a quickness! Available balance:


I bought 3 ONE WAY Plane tickets to Los Angeles, CA USA: Me-Boyfriend-Harp.


Hi Mommy. I’m home.


True story