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Raw food & M&M's

I'd been talking with my friend who has slimmed down so beautifully-- she said 'It's about making better food choices' . that said-- I'd decided to do just that. SO-- for the last 7 days i've eaten salad greens with tuna 2 times a day (lemon juice & a little olive oil as dressing) and salad with baked chicken for the last meal and fruit during the day-- cause i get incredibly hungry in between. NOW the other dilemma-- i've been craving Peanut M&M's-- small yellow bag. Definitly NOT a great food choice, however, at least I'm not pulling up in front of the Burger King asking for a DBL WHOPPER with cheese.

I actually feel like ive got a bit more energy-- and a few inches down only after 7 days-- could even help my music-

more soon.