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Music and Your Wedding


Music and Your Wedding by Destiny Muhammad

Weddings are lovely life celebrations! Add music and the celebration is transformed into a treasured memory for years to come.

Live music is a wonderful choice to make your experience even more magical however, the choices in musicians can be infinite. In the words of Jazz Legend Charlie Parker 'Now's the Time' to begin asking yourself questions:

1. What does our Wedding sound like?

Think of the song that really makes you think of each other when your apart. This song may be the foundation for the overall sound of your wedding. Example: Train's song 'Marry Me' is very sweet, hearfelt, sincere and intimate. Beyonce's 'Angel' feels is more dramatic and bold in it's declaration of love.


2. Do we have a theme for our Wedding?

Thematic Weddings can be fun! Disney themes or the perhaps the roaring 20's feel of The Great Gatsby

3. How much do we want to invest in Live music?

Cost can vary. Create a budget of a minimum investment of $500.00 to pay a Professional Musician. A full time Professional Musician is generally an Entreprenuer and very respectful of his/her craft.

A contract & deposit will be required to secure their services for you Wedding.


4. Do we want live music for Wedding, Cocktail Hour and/or Reception?

This is a larger investment, however, the beauty is that the sonic theme and feel of your Wedding will be consistant.

5. Where do we look for musicians?


Festivals, local restaurants that host live music, churches, art gallery openings and your local Musicians Union and recommendations from friends and family.

Remember, its your special day and the music you choose should remind you that this is the first of many special days to come.'