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Ms. Killamonkey!

My Mom loved to help people. Now mind you we REALLY needed more help than the folk she was helping.  Oh yes-A single mother with 3 young girls growing up on Rancho San Pedro Housing Projects and receiving bi-monthly Welfare Checks was light years away from the Rockafeller lifestyle. However, to our credit, my two sisters and I we're clean, well behave (most of the time) well spoken and happy. 

Like I said, Moms was friendly and willing to help just about anyone. Enter Ms. Linda Jones. Mom met her while grocery shopping at Boys Super Market. A friendly conversation moved into Mom's favorite subject: Metaphysics.  Ms Jones wanted to know more and Mom agreed to take her the following Sunday to hear the founder of Divine Science, Dr. Joseph Murphy, speak in Laguna Hills. Sunday morning arrived and the four of us boarded our 10 year old Plymouth we fondly named 'The Green Dragon'.  We picked Ms Jones up at her apartment and proceeded to experience an hour of MAYHEM. The friendly Ms. Jones became the MONSTER. She complained. LOUDLY. The ENTIRE RIDE. About men, White people, California People, Her job, Mexican People, blah, blah, blah.We arrived in Laguna Hills at the movie theater where Dr. Murphy spoke and I PRAYED his message would deplete Ms. Jones need to complain (and talk for that matter).  Inside the theater offered a little peace and Dr. Murphy served up a masterful message. Mom smiled at me knowing that I got the message and would apply it immediately.  Unfortunately, Ms. Jones had SLEPT through Dr. Murhpy's entire message. When we got back in the car, she resumed WHERE SHE LEFT OFF!. Her mouth was moving so fast that puffs of SMOKE rushed off of her lips. AND her BREATH! The acid smell exuded from her mouth and filled the whole car. My sisters and I rolled down our windows allowing the fresh air to offer us some relief.  We arrived (not soon enough for me) at Ms. Jones apartment. She exited smiling: "I had a great time! Thank you! I'd love to go with you all again soon!' She chirped smilingly. Mom's almost didn't wait for her to close the door before she sped off.  Mom's started cussin' 'That Heifer's breath was SOOO BAD, it could KILL A MONKEY!!!'