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Hot dog Dilima!

I'd eaten a chili dog from the local 'Pup & Taco' and now was paying the price for it. My 16 year old stomach was not as strong as I'd thought and it was gripping me something fierce.

No school for me today. I caught the RTD to Harbor General Hospital already knowing I was going to have to wait FOREVER among the other 10,000 Medical sticker holders. Gotta do it 'cause the Pepto Bismal I'd taken was NOT working. I arrived to crowded waiting room filled with families and babies and overworked orderlies. I checked in at the reception desk and found a seat against the wall next to an elderly Mexican Woman and her pre-teen granddaughter. I closed my eyes and held my stomach wishing I hadn't ate that chili dog. Just as I was about to doze off, a mans voice SCREAMS above the waiting room lull : 'If I don't get some help RIGHT NOW I'm gonna KILL MYSELF!' Standing in the waiting room barefoot, black and covered in backed on dirt from head to toe and smelling undescribably RANCID with wild eyes. The nurses rushed over to him with quickness and and moved him rapidly to the backrooms behind the reception desk. 'Damn! I should have done that!' I said under my breath. Truly annoyed now. Closing my eyes again trying to force myself away from the pain by sleeping. About 30 minutes went by and I'm finally called to come to the backrooms. As I walk to the back hallway, I see 'The SCREAMER'. There he is handcuffed to a gurney. Sitting next to him is a friendly POLICE Officer scowling at him with that 'You better NOT MOVE' look on his face. MAN! Glad I DIDN'T do that!