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Great Rehearsal in Prep for SFMUSIC DAY 2017!!


Virtual Harp Summit 3 Social Hour!


Fun time on Virtual Harp SUmmit

Now! Off to the Black Eyed Peas Festival!!








transcribing music for tribute to Dorothy Ashby & Frank Wess....


Gong Hay Fa Choy!


Gong Hay Fa Choy!!

Happy Year of the Horse!!  The Lunar New Year feels WONDERFUL.....


Master the Melody


Master the Melody- I got this message one day while tuning into Jazz Station KCSM...


Wonderful Weddings


#soundsculptress As a Harpist, I get the awesome opportunity to play music for a lot of Weddings. I can honestly say that I enjoy them. And after 21 years some of the couples are still married! Last Saturday....


Formulas & Frequencies


Formulas & Frequencies-

for me-  musically speaking-combining tones  and creating/ working within chord progression




JAZZ! A music birthed from the womb of Negro Spirituals and nurtured on the breast of the Blues. Raised on the red soil of the Bayou by enslaved Africans and now transported GLOBALLY! Enjoyed locally- Yes! JAZZ speaks and is SPOKEN by the many and the few.

ya dig?


Continuous & Rapid!


"I am always given the ability to optimally deal with any combination of circumstances that may arise and my growth and progress is  continuous and rapid.'


The last 45 days have been 'the continous and rapid' growth experience.  Loving it and feeling very grounded and focused.




Weddings & All That JAZZ

A tasty Jazz Trio or Jazz Quartet impeccably dressed in a 'JAZZ Attitude' style 
 can establish the sound track for each part of your Wedding Celebration.  
To read the full article click below:

Music and Your Wedding



Music and Your Wedding by Destiny Muhammad

Weddings are lovely life celebrations! Add music and the celebration is transformed into a treasured memory for years to come.

Live music is a wonderful choice to make your experience even more magical however, the choices in musicians can be infinite. In the words of Jazz Legend Charlie Parker 'Now's the Time' to begin asking yourself questions:

1. What does our Wedding sound like?

Think of the song that really makes you think of each other when your apart. This song may be the foundation for the overall sound of your wedding. Example: Train's song 'Marry Me' is very sweet, hearfelt, sincere and intimate. Beyonce's 'Angel' feels is more dramatic and bold in it's declaration of love.


2. Do we have a theme for our Wedding?

Thematic Weddings can be fun! Disney themes or the perhaps the roaring 20's feel of The Great Gatsby

3. How much do we want to invest in Live music?

Cost can vary. Create a budget of a minimum investment of $500.00 to pay a Professional Musician. A full time Professional Musician is generally an Entreprenuer and very respectful of his/her craft.

A contract & deposit will be required to secure their services for you Wedding.


4. Do we want live music for Wedding, Cocktail Hour and/or Reception?

This is a larger investment, however, the beauty is that the sonic theme and feel of your Wedding will be consistant.

5. Where do we look for musicians?


Festivals, local restaurants that host live music, churches, art gallery openings and your local Musicians Union and recommendations from friends and family.

Remember, its your special day and the music you choose should remind you that this is the first of many special days to come.'


First Dance!


My latest article on Weddings Know How Magazine!

The Newlyweds ‘First Dance’ can come at anytime during the your Wedding

Reception. In the past, couples have chosen to have their first dance after the dinner

and the toast from the Best Man and Matron of Honor. It’s your Magic Moment.  Read More..


Ms. Killamonkey!


My Mom loved to help people. Now mind you we REALLY needed more help than the folk she was helping.  Oh yes-A single mother with 3 young girls growing up on Rancho San Pedro Housing Projects and receiving bi-monthly Welfare Checks was light years away from the Rockafeller lifestyle. However, to our credit, my two sisters and I we're clean, well behave (most of the time) well spoken and happy. 

Like I said, Moms was friendly and willing to help just about anyone. Enter Ms. Linda Jones. Mom met her while grocery shopping at Boys Super Market. A friendly conversation moved into Mom's favorite subject: Metaphysics.  Ms Jones wanted to know more and Mom agreed to take her the following Sunday to hear the founder of Divine Science, Dr. Joseph Murphy, speak in Laguna Hills. Sunday morning arrived and the four of us boarded our 10 year old Plymouth we fondly named 'The Green Dragon'.  We picked Ms Jones up at her apartment and proceeded to experience an hour of MAYHEM. The friendly Ms. Jones became the MONSTER. She complained. LOUDLY. The ENTIRE RIDE. About men, White people, California People, Her job, Mexican People, blah, blah, blah.We arrived in Laguna Hills at the movie theater where Dr. Murphy spoke and I PRAYED his message would deplete Ms. Jones need to complain (and talk for that matter).  Inside the theater offered a little peace and Dr. Murphy served up a masterful message. Mom smiled at me knowing that I got the message and would apply it immediately.  Unfortunately, Ms. Jones had SLEPT through Dr. Murhpy's entire message. When we got back in the car, she resumed WHERE SHE LEFT OFF!. Her mouth was moving so fast that puffs of SMOKE rushed off of her lips. AND her BREATH! The acid smell exuded from her mouth and filled the whole car. My sisters and I rolled down our windows allowing the fresh air to offer us some relief.  We arrived (not soon enough for me) at Ms. Jones apartment. She exited smiling: "I had a great time! Thank you! I'd love to go with you all again soon!' She chirped smilingly. Mom's almost didn't wait for her to close the door before she sped off.  Mom's started cussin' 'That Heifer's breath was SOOO BAD, it could KILL A MONKEY!!!'


Ready 2 Wear: Wedding Attire for the Musician


An attractive look before before and during the Wedding instills confidence in you

and your client.

You have a fantastic talent, instruments and sound gear, now here’s your next


To read the full article in Weddings Know How click here


Hot dog Dilima!


I'd eaten a chili dog from the local 'Pup & Taco' and now was paying the price for it. My 16 year old stomach was not as strong as I'd thought and it was gripping me something fierce.

No school for me today. I caught the RTD to Harbor General Hospital already knowing I was going to have to wait FOREVER among the other 10,000 Medical sticker holders. Gotta do it 'cause the Pepto Bismal I'd taken was NOT working. I arrived to crowded waiting room filled with families and babies and overworked orderlies. I checked in at the reception desk and found a seat against the wall next to an elderly Mexican Woman and her pre-teen granddaughter. I closed my eyes and held my stomach wishing I hadn't ate that chili dog. Just as I was about to doze off, a mans voice SCREAMS above the waiting room lull : 'If I don't get some help RIGHT NOW I'm gonna KILL MYSELF!' Standing in the waiting room barefoot, black and covered in backed on dirt from head to toe and smelling undescribably RANCID with wild eyes. The nurses rushed over to him with quickness and and moved him rapidly to the backrooms behind the reception desk. 'Damn! I should have done that!' I said under my breath. Truly annoyed now. Closing my eyes again trying to force myself away from the pain by sleeping. About 30 minutes went by and I'm finally called to come to the backrooms. As I walk to the back hallway, I see 'The SCREAMER'. There he is handcuffed to a gurney. Sitting next to him is a friendly POLICE Officer scowling at him with that 'You better NOT MOVE' look on his face. MAN! Glad I DIDN'T do that!


Trip to Bali


Trip to Bali


October 1995. I took an incredible adventure trip to Bali, Indonesia with my boyfriend. We’d been hired to for a 2 year stint as ‘Quality Controllers’ of Jewelry workshops of an American Designer. It felt and sounded exciting and fun and yes promises of revenue made the trip even more alluring. Needless to say the ‘dream’ began to reveal itself as a nightmare. After about 3 weeks into our ‘stay’ we became keenly aware that our American contact seemed to have questionable practices and our safety was in jeopardy-- in a nutshell I was scared as HELL. OH, we had food, a car and a lovely place to stay, however, the promised revenue never seemed to be ‘available’ and our contact with other English/ American people was limited to our contractors circle (btw they were questionable as well). No money and not sure what to do-- I was frantic. Now, so you know, for all of my perceived wildness, I’m really a good girl, good home training and introduced to God early on and I know how to pray, however, I wanted my MAMA! God was NOT showing up fast enough! As we wandered the streets of Bali hoping for something or someone to come and help us, I saw a telephone for ‘International Tourist’ to dial out to their home countries. I ran to the phone, heard the dial tone and immediately dialed the long code to call my Mom. I caught my breathe:


‘Mommy. It’s me, Destiny’

“What’s going on?’ Mom said with only the tone she could have when something in my life was out of sync.

“I want to come home. I’m scared and I don’t have a way back!”

“Well, Honey, I don’t have any money to send you.”

The pent up tears began to flow and yet I didn’t want her to hear me crying.

“Don’t cry. It’s going to be alright. I’m praying for you to get home safely. I’m goin to call my Prayer Warriors to pray you through. It’s going to be alright, don’t cry.’

I trusted her words-- deep inside I knew it would work out, but I was still scared.

“Don’t you worry. I’m calling them as soon as we get off the phone. I love you and it’s going to be all right.’

I thanked her and let her know I loved her too and hung up.

I walked back to the car looking around at this incredible paradise called Bali. Not sure why, I open my purse and take out my empty wallet. My credit cards were maxed out so no use looking to them for money-- but then I see one card that says:



I run BACK to the telephone, called the number and ACTIVATED that card with a quickness! Available balance:


I bought 3 ONE WAY Plane tickets to Los Angeles, CA USA: Me-Boyfriend-Harp.


Hi Mommy. I’m home.


True story






Today is a conscious loving and relentless choice to love/do/ be ME. no excuses no compromise nada mas!

now with that said-- I also consciously chose to be a musician and I LOVE my choice.  Mastering my direction as a musician requires diligence and focus, I love that to.




Wonderful walk and loving self talk with myself -- just got this burst of JOY fill my being so intensely! WOW!  Now in the afterglow.








A good friend came into town and we had a good time chatting it up and exchanging ideas-- she's a real fun and intuitive being.  she shared with me a quote from Author / Lecturer Dr Suzar:

We don't spell a word.  A word IS a Spell'

Although my friend and I kept talking I kept coming back to 'SPELL'

Merriam Webster state the word spell originates from the the 14 century Middle English:

'to mean, signify by spelling out letters. The Old English, Spellian, to relate, to talk. definition for spell

As a noun, Spell means: a spoken word or form of words held to have magical power.

I keep seeing/ hearing this and feeling we place ourselves under a spell by consistant and mostly unconscious repetition of the messages within our immediate environment information, media stimuli and associations without question. 

Something to think on.




Gratitude grateful


Gratitude grateful:

duper super healthy


fun meetings

gorgeous practice 

capriccio espangnol 

concious creating


rest well:)









Q:  What is the irrevocable outcome of a repetitive positive thought?


speak wise ones:)





November CONCERT



Alright Cat's & Kittens!!

 Tickets for my annual November  Concert go on sale July 1, 2013!

For sponsorship and promotional consideration opportunities, email: 



The 'A' Game




Just today, I was asked by a budding musician:

Q: is the proverbial 'A Game' only for special occassions and events

A: As my Mentors have said to me: YOUR  A Game is for ALL occasion-- bring YOUR A GAME or sit down.









no. no. no.


Finding these 2 letters/ one word is often more necessary than yes.


and i mean it.







Epiphany:  realized I am wonderful JUST like I AM.  I can always improve, however, right here NOW I AM WONDERFUL!

My approach to living, being, harping, performing are so unique to ME. I LOVE ME!


Sweet Bitter Sweet


Today was wonderful and bittersweet.

A homegoing celebration for the mother of a beautiful friend and the incredible opportunity to play fantastic music with my music peers-- folks I have SOO much respect for and some I have even been wonderfully BLESSED to study with. There was LOVE on another level as we all sang played and hugged and cried and laughed and share good food fun stories and promises to keep in touch and make more music together.


Music Masters




Fun-- from now on-- struggle is definitley overrated.


today on msnbc i saw a family of 12 children and 6 of the them had graduated from college before turning 12 years old. each child had found what they loved to do, their parents encouraged them to do only what they loved. it's really a no brainer. it's a love it or leave it ideal. 




Raw food & M&M's


I'd been talking with my friend who has slimmed down so beautifully-- she said 'It's about making better food choices' . that said-- I'd decided to do just that. SO-- for the last 7 days i've eaten salad greens with tuna 2 times a day (lemon juice & a little olive oil as dressing) and salad with baked chicken for the last meal and fruit during the day-- cause i get incredibly hungry in between. NOW the other dilemma-- i've been craving Peanut M&M's-- small yellow bag. Definitly NOT a great food choice, however, at least I'm not pulling up in front of the Burger King asking for a DBL WHOPPER with cheese.

I actually feel like ive got a bit more energy-- and a few inches down only after 7 days-- could even help my music-

more soon.





Viva Carlos!


Last night's tribute to Carlos Aceituno was magnificent. DANCING and great music just like Carlos would have wanted it.

We love you Carlos. Ashe'




Viva Carlos!


Happiness; the NEW Commodity!! by Mind Valley


 #soundsculptress #Mind Valley founder Vishen Lakhani 'Why Happiness is the NEW Commodity'-- I sooooo get this!!

sharing with you:)




Instant Messenger/ Messages


Happy Easter!!

Getting the early morning INSTANT Messages!!  Talk about 'NEWS I CAN USE!

Feels good to feel connected and trusting myself! 

Got a MOST wonderful event today at 57th Street Gallery with EW Wainwright and The African Roots of JAZZ 3pm to 6pm!

Come on out and have dinner and GREAT MUSIC!


Much Love

Happy Easter



Saturday Easter Eve


Easter Eve-- strengthing myself for Easter Sunday Concert at 57th Street Gallery.  Improvisational warm up with Dorothy Ashby on her rendition of 'Thou Swell' love her solo and having fun playing along side her.  Also connecting with Salzedo exercises i got from one of my other Harp Mentors Meredith Clark-- she's really insightful!

Feeling good-- happiness truly is a choice.

Happy Easter



candle and flower


Sweet's Bakery~~


Cool day-- wonderful meeting at #sweetsbakery in Oakland! just loving the vibe- and great service. Met with French Hornist Heidi Trefethen and the conversation went from music to spirituality and back-- love it!!sweets bakery


Destiny in CBS Local!


#soundsculptress Wow!  Just in-- a cool posting in CBS Local News on Best Local Female Musicians of the Bay! Yours Truly received an elegant mention:) Big thanks to Journalist

#Melanie Graysmith!

#Best Local Female Musicians:)






Good morning! preparing music for saturday session and learning new music to enhance my creative process-- so much beauty in the classics! studying nikolai rimsky-korsokovs 'scherezade' harp part is sooo graceful (andFUN. Also morning meeting today

talk soon:)







soooo.. whilst taking a break between set of music and i heard the message: Dysfunctional Faith

Hmph. I've heard of BLIND faith-- but dysfunctional(?) Perhaps it's this: 

Dysfunctional Faith:   The application of faith only when elements of ones life experience are complimentary and/ or satisfactory, however, abandoning ones faith when ones experience takes a nose dive; at that instant faith is no longer applicable and is all connections with it are immediately severed, this rendering the individual in a state of utter panic, stress and dismay. Once the condition appears to be returning to 'normal' one returns to faith as though nothing had changed.

something to think about.






I really wanted to go to Banff, Canada for the Jazz & Creative Music Intensive. Didn't get it this year BUT I'm going to work towards 2014-- meanwhile~~ prepping for my studio session this week-- feeling really encouraged and actually happy today:) talk soon!




Rehearsal TODAY!


#soundsculptress Good morning!  Listening to the music for the concert with Tammy Lynne Hall -- rehearsing with her today at Musically Minded-- very exciting and the music is challenging me to step up my game again!! #lovemylife!

Going for a walk to practice the vocals-- I like to build my breathing that way. talk soon





Define. Design. Deliver


Morning message:

Define. Design. Deliver.

First: Define. Define the desire, ie., what I want in full detail. no holds back-- full on definition.

Second: Design my desire- WHAT does it look like? What does it feel/ smell like.  details/ play with it/ live in it/ enjoy it. full on sensation of the experience of the desire.

Third: Deliver my desire--give it right on over to SOURCE/ give it to SOURCE. Trust it being manifest while enjoying/ basking in the experience of it.



Growth SPURT!


Letting go. Incredible growth spurt today-- wonderful completions and new beginnings.  I'm convinced I create my own future and folks falling off make more room for me to create what I REALLY want.



Tuesday Anchored


today i stood up to the past-- fearless. it ran from me. it no longer had the control i'd allowed it for so long.




Good morning ! Destiny Here trying this 'Blog post' on my website seeing if it works:)